September 6, 2015

Sunday Steal...

1. Do You Like Making Lists?  
I do actually.

2. Do/Did You Play Sports With Your Siblings?  
Does beer pong count?

3. Would You Rather Go To A University Or A Community College?  
Neither but I've been to both...

4. What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Bread?  
French bread. Hot with lots of butter. I actually have an awesome recipe if anyone is interested.

5. What Toppings Do You Like On Your Pizza?  
I'm a plain cheese pizza kinda gal but once in a while I could roll with some bacon.

6. What Color Or Design Does Your Shower Curtain Have?  
Ombre white to teal.

7. What Kind Of Car Does/Did Your Mom Drive?  
I'd tell you but I'm pretty sure she might get mad at me seeing as she reads my blog on the regular.

8. What’s On Your Cell Phone’s Home Screen?  
A photo of a street sign that happens to be my first name that I took while in the Outer Banks.

9. Do You Like To Watch The National Geographic Channel? 

10. Are You The Type Of Person To Correct A Survey Maker’s Grammar And/Or Spelling?  
If I notice it.

11. What Color Is Your Microwave?  
Stainless steel.

12. Do You Have A Fan In Your Bedroom?  
I have a fan and an air conditioner.

13. Mountain Dew Or Sprite?  

14. Does It Rain A Lot Where You Live?  
Not a lot but it rains.

15. Do You Shop At Walmart Regularly?
No. I like Target better.
16. Does It Bother You When Animals Lick Themselves?  

17. Have You Ever Been To A Trader Joe’s?  
Yes. I love Trader Joe's.

18. What’s The Longest Time You’ve Ever Been Stuck In Traffic? 
Once my mother and I were stuck on the New Jersey Turnpike for HOURS.

19. Do You Wear Black A Lot? 
I do. I actually have on a black maxi dress on right now.

20. Are There Stairs In Your House?  
There were stairs at my parents' house.

21. Have You Ever Held $500 In Cash?  
I've held more than that. I actually had $1,600 in cash in my hand the other day.
22. Do You Like Onions On Your Burger?  
I don't eat beef.

23. Could You Ever Give Yourself A Shot?
I've taken out my own stitches more than once, so I feel like I could give myself a shot.
24. Do You Wear Shoes In The House?  

25. Have You Ever Worked As A Cashier?
Yes. I worked as a cashier in a grocery store when I was in high school.

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