October 16, 2015

Food Network & Cooking Channel NYC Wine & Food Festival | Tacos & Tequila...

As I mentioned in a previous post I was being given the opportunity to attend one of this years Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine and Food Festival events and it happened to be last night. The particular event that I got to attend, with my sister as my date, was the Tacos & Tequila party (Where a number of top chefs presented their own creative taco interpretations to celebrate Mexican cuisine) hosted by Chef Aarón Sánchez at Urbo in New York City and was presented by the festival's official culinary destination of the year Mexico.
As you can probably guess from the name of the event, there were lots of tacos and tequila. Unfortunately because I don't eat meat with the exception of my beloved bacon, there wasn't much for me to eat but that's why I brought my sister along with me. Thankfully she is a little foodie and was willing to try everything that every chef had to offer. And according to her, and she doesn't lie when it comes to food, everything was amazing. Especially the lengua taco made by Iron Chef Jose Garces, which she actually told him.

While I didn't get to partake in many of the tacos -- I did have a delicious squid taco made by Chef Michael Chernow of Seamore's and amazing smoked bacon guacamole tostadas, which I ate literally ate a dozen of, by Chef Mark Kiffin of Zacatecas (Who happens to be a James Beard Foundation award winner for Best Chef of the Southwest in 2005) -- I did have a lot of tequila, especially the Casa Cosmo made with Casa Noble Tequila.

Here is the recipe for that if anyone is interested...
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a glass.
I really can't even express how much fun we both had. I mean we got to eat food made by amazingly talented chefs, drink beautiful cocktails, take selfies with chefs that we've admired for years (Chef Aarón Sánchez, Chef John Besh, Iron Chef Jose Garces, Chef Mark Murphy and Chef Mark Kiffin) and dance the night away.

The only thing that I was disappointed about and honestly it was my own fault, is the fact that I didn't know that Taylor and Issac Hanson were at the event. Because I totally would have found them and taken a selfie with them to make my inner twelve year old happy (I was a really big fan of Hanson as a tween).

So yeah, it was an amazing experience and I hope that I will have the honor to attend again because this was such a great event.

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If you wanna check out any of the other pictures from last night look up the hashtags #VenAComer #LiveItToBelieveIt and #NYCWFF on Instagram to see other attendees' pictures or you can check out the GettyImages taken by Ben Gabbe here (Which includes a picture of my sister and I with Chef Aarón Sánchez and Chef John Besh).

NOTE: My sister and I were busy partying it up, so all photo courtesy of Mexico and H+M Communications.

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