November 22, 2015

Sunday Steal...

Would You Rather Be Stuck On An Island Alone Or With Someone Who Talks Incessantly?  
Probably alone. I'm a Pisces, I can entertain myself.

Would You Rather Be Too Hot Or Too Cold?
I don't like being cold but I guess cold because you can wear layers.

Would You Rather Have A Cook Or A Maid?
Maid. I hate cleaning but I love cooking.

Would You Rather Be The Youngest Or The Oldest Sibling? 
I am the oldest sibling and I like being the oldest.

Would You Rather Get Rich Through Hard Work Or Through Winning The Lottery?
Winning the lottery. I'm lazy. Why do you think I'm a librarian?

Would You Rather Have A 10-Hour Dinner With A Headstrong Politician From An Opposing Party, Or Attend A 10-Hour Concert For A Music Group You Detest?
Dinner. People speaking is easier to ignore than bad music. 

Would You Rather Be An Olympic Gold Medalist Or A Nobel Peace Prize Winner? 
Nobel Peace Prize because people would assume I was smart.

Would You Rather Have A Desk Job Or An Outdoor Job?  
I'm a librarian... Which do you think I'd pick...   

Would You Rather Live At The Top Of A Tall NYC Apartment Building Or At The Top Of A Mountain? 
Do I have super nice house on the top of the mountain? Can I drive to the house? I need to know!    

Would You Rather Have Rambo Or The Terminator On Your Side?
The Terminator.

Would You Rather Be Proposed To In Private Or In Front Of Family & Friends? 
Private. Which I was.

Would You Rather Have To Sew All Your Clothes Or Grow Your Own Food? 
Do I have to sew by hand or can I use my sewing machine (Yes, I have a sewing machine)? Is my food magical and can I grow anything I want any time of the year?  

Would You Rather Hear The Good News Or The Bad News First?
Bad news.

Would You Rather Be Your Own Boss Or Work For Someone Else? 
My own boss.

Would You Rather Have Nosy Neighbors Or Noisy Neighbors? 
Nosy all the way.

Would You Rather Be On A Survival Reality Show Or Dating Game Show?     
Dating game. Unless it was like the Hunger Games and it was survival to the death.

Would You Rather Be Too Busy Or Be Bored? 
Depends what I was busy doing.

Would You Rather Watch The Big Game At Home Or Live At The Stadium? 

Would You Rather Spend The Day With Your Favorite Athlete Or Your Favorite Movie Star? 
Movie star.

Would You Rather Live Where It Is Constantly Winter Or Where It Is Constantly Summer?
Constantly summer all the way.


  1. I already live where it's winter most of the year so I'm willing to try summer. ;-)

    1. Oh wow I don't think I could to that. It's 42 degrees out today and I'm freezing.

      I honestly just wanna be somewhere it's about 75-80 degrees with low humidity.

  2. It would be really nice to wine the lottery.

  3. Being your own boss can be difficult, but I think it is doable for everyone IF they find the right thing to do.

    1. Oh I totally agree. I work in a field where I can never truly be my own boss, so it's kinda just the idea of it with me.