January 24, 2016

Sunday Steal...

Do You Like To See It Snowing Outside? 
Only if I don't have to go outside in it or clean it up.

Do You Tell Your Family You Love Them Enough? 
I think I do. 

Do You Like Getting Jewelry Or Do You Not Wear Any? 
I love getting jewelry that I've asked for. Like I'd be super happy if Justin or someone else got me an 18K gold 1mm to 2mm 30" or longer Cuban link chain for my birthday.

Do you watch a lot of NFL football? 
Hell no.

Have You Ever Used The Word ‘Lame’? 
Yes I have.

Are You/Were You In A Band? 
When Is The Last Time You Went To The Doctor? 
Right before I went to Iceland back in September.

Do You Own Any Shirts With A Peace Symbol On It? 
Hell no.

Would You Ever Go To Japan? 
Yes I would. Justin and I are actually looking into going at the end of August this year.

What Was The Last Thing You Went To Walmart For? 
I went to see if they had any film for my Instax.

Ever Gotten In A Car Accident? 
Yes I have.

Have You Ever Been In A Choir? 
I was in chorus from 4th grade to 12th grade.

Do You Like The Color Of Your Eyes?
My eyes are fine.

When Was The Last Time You Went Ice Skating?
High school.

Have You Ever Had A Surgery? 
Yes I have. I've had my gallbladder removed and I had LASIK.

Do You Look Older Or Younger Than You Actually Are? 
Younger. Apparently no one thinks I'm thirty.

When Is The Next Time You’ll Be Up On Stage? 
Who knows...

Where Did You Spend Your Last Birthday? 
Buying myself a new used car and going out to dinner with my family.

What Is The Last Show That You Watched A Full Episode Of? 
The X-Files. 

Is There Anything You Need To Work On Doing Soon? 

Do Your Feelings Get Hurt Easily? 

Do You, Or Do You Know Someone Who Has Taken Karate Lessons? 
I have never taken a karate lesson in my life but I know people who have.

Were You Ever A Boy Or Girl Scout?
Nope and never did I want to be.

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