April 27, 2016

Doodlegraph | Tomfoolery In Party City...

Cinco de Mayo merely a week away, so to get in the spirit (And because we're have a big Fat Kid on Siete de Mayo) a couple of us hit up Party City the other day to pick up decorations and other randomness to celebrate. And because I can't go anywhere without taking pictures, I thought I would use the pictures to make another Doodlegraph for you guys.
So yeah, as you can see Day, Amanda and I acted like fools in Party City and bought a whole bunch of random crap for our up coming Fat Kid.

Stay tuned for the Fat Kid post, we have tons of stuff planned for that day so it should make for a good post.


  1. I wanna come to your Cinco de Mayo party!

    1. If you were in New York I'd totally have you come join us! We are gonna make a crapton of food, we have party games, we have a psychic medium coming to do reading. It should be awesome.