April 6, 2016

Fresh Ink | Getting A Matching Tattoo With My Sister...

As you may or may not know, depending on if you follow me on Instagram or not, last week I got a matching tattoo with my sister. And I just thought I'd share the little backstory behind it and some pictures with you guys.

So, for a good while my sister and I had talked about getting a "sister" tattoo. We joked around about having the words "Big" and "Little" tattooed on ourselves, as well as a number of other things. It wasn't until I came across this picture of two roses while on Pinterest one day the we actually decided that this would be a real thing that we'd do.
Even though we decided on the roses months ago, we just never made an appointment with our tattoo artist. About two weeks after my birthday my sister called me saying that she was itching to get a new tattoo and why not it be our "sister" tattoo? She also said she'd pay for it as my birthday present* which helped in the decision making process. So I texted our tattoo artist's wife, who happens to be my friend Eileen, and set up a date/time that was good for all of us.

So last Wednesday after work my sister and I went over to Eileen's got matching tattoos, had an amazing homemade dinner and got to spend time with their incredibly adorable daughter Addi.
So yeah, that's the story behind mine and my sister's matching tattoos.

As soon as they are totally healed I'll post a follow up picture.

*FUN FACT - My sister has paid for both of my tattoos as birthday presents to me.


  1. I sometimes think I might want a tattoo. And then I talk myself out of it because I just don't know...

    1. You should really want a tattoo and have it mean something to you. I really thought about my two tattoos and the next one I'm planning on getting, because it's not something you want to regret in the future.

      I don't understand how people can just walk into a shop on a whim, pick a tattoo out of a book and get it.