May 5, 2016

LASIK Enhancement...

Back in January on the two year anniversary of my LASIK procedure, I had written an update and mentioned that I've had some myopic regression since the initial surgery and that I had been given a light eyeglass prescription to wear when I found it necessary.

Well I ended up wearing the glasses whenever I was awake, so I decided that even though I wasn't a fan of the recovery period the first time that I'd bite the bullet and have an enhancement. So last Friday I went back to the TLC Laser Eye Center and within an hour I had my eyes fixed right up again.

Unlike the first time where a machine was used to create the corneal flap, Dr. Donnenfeld did it manually using the biomicroscope and a scalpel after he numbed my eyes. Once that was done I walked from the one examination room into the laser suite and it was almost exactly the same as last time. The only really difference was I didn't get to listen to the Backstreet Boys and they didn't give me the teddy bear to hold.

After about five minutes in the laser suite, I was all done and on my way back to my parents' house to sleep. Unfortunately like last time I did not sleep at all after surgery, so I just kinda hung out with my eye closed with my parents, sister and her boyfriend until I technically could open my eyes again, which was only shortly before I actually got tired and wanted to sleep.

The next day I went for a one day post-op and they told me everything was fine. I could see much much better and only with a touch of haziness (The first time I had the LASIK done I was having a lot of trouble dealing with the glare and my flap wasn't healing properly, so this was great).

Fast forward to today... I am seeing so much better, only a slight bit of haziness but only at work because we have crazy lights. No glare issues like the first time, so I'm not at work with sunglasses and a baseball hat on. Everything is going great and I'm totally not having any of the post-op issues I had last time.

Tomorrow I go in for my one week and I'm expecting my doctor to tell me everything is fine.

If you have any specific questions about my LASIK experience that I haven't answered in this or a previous post feel free to ask me. I love telling people about it because it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


  1. I'm glad it's gone pretty well. I hope everything is perfect!

  2. I have been interested in getting Lasik for a while now but I’m too chicken to really follow through with it. Thank you for posting your experience. It helps to read that someone had a good experience and can see great afterwards. I hope you healed well after your second procedure and do not have any more issues.