May 31, 2016

Night Out In Brooklyn | Homegrown Heroes Music Festival...

Friday night Day and I headed into Brooklyn to go to the Homegrown Heroes Music Festival at The Paper Box because we know one of the members of The Driggs. So we went out to show our support and rock out with the hipsters in Bushwick East Williamsburg (We even dressed the part because as you guys know, that's how we roll).

We got to Brooklyn before the doors opened at The Paper Box, so we decided to kill some time by going to grab a quick dinner and some drinks at The Anchored Inn. Which was awesome, and all we had were their Carmen Fries and a couple of Downeast Ciders.

Eventually after getting a few texts from our friend in the band, we closed our tab out and headed over to the venue. Which killed us because The Anchored Inn had air conditioning and The Paper Box did not. But since the concert was the main reason for our trek out to Brooklyn we sucked it up.
Thankfully The Paper Box had an outdoor area, so Day and I hung out there until The Driggs went on because it was honestly too hot in that damn venue to stand around and watch other bands.

While we were out there, we did end up making friends with a dude that ended up being a scout for the record label that was throwing the festival. We bullshitted and had a few drinks with him before going inside to sweat our asses off watching The Driggs.

After their set, Day and I ran back outside (Because we were dying and didn't want to have heat strokes) and waited for our friend to get back from dropping the equipment off at the studio area near by that the band rents.

For some reason it took forever, so we decided to run back to The Anchored Inn to have another drink. Eventually he met up with us, as did the lead singer of the band and some of their friends.

The newcomers didn't think The Anchored Inn was cool enough, so we wandered around the corner to The Well which was deemed a much cooler spot. We had a round of drinks before bumming the lead singer out be getting an Uber to drive us to Jamaica Station so we'd be able to catch a 12-something AM train back to Long Island.

Even though it was hot as hell, we had a really great night out in Brooklyn and it was a great way to kick off Memorial Day weekend. I can't wait to see the band again (Especially in an air conditioned venue) because they are actually really good.

If you wanna check out the band for yourself, here is a video of them performing one of their songs...

If you check it out lemme know, they love to know what people think of them and their music.

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