June 1, 2016

Month In Review: May 2016...

♥ Having an awesome little Mother's Day lunch with my family.
♥ Celebrating my sister's 29th birthday with a whole weekend full of events.
♥ Getting tickets to the Studio Ghibli Museum for when Justin & I are in Japan.
♥ Booking all of our Airbnbs and hotels for Japan & Hong Kong.
♥ Having an amazing day in NYC with my sister, Day, Toni, Liz & Rob.
♥ Making vegan dinner for my friends.
♥ Hanging out with Day in Brooklyn and attending the Homegrown Heroes Music Festival.
♥ Celebrating my friend's son's 5th birthday.
LASIK Enhancement
Fat Kid | Not So Grand Fiesta
Slowly Booking Japan & Hong Kong
Bottles Of Champs & Hotel Parties | Brunch
Night Out In Brooklyn | Homegrown Heroes Music Festival

♥ The F Word/What If (2013) ♥
♥ Deadly Possessions (2016 - Present) ♥


  1. Yay for having a great month! :)

    I hope June is amazing for you! <3

    Amy @

    1. It was a pretty good month. Thank you! I hope you have an awesome June too!!