June 5, 2016

Sunday Steal...

1. Do You Skip Meals Sometimes?  
All the time.

2. Last Time You Overate?  
Friday night. I had all you can eat sushi with Day and Toni.

3. Do You Like Mexican Food?  
I do! I had Mexican for lunch yesterday.

4. Do You Like Chinese Food?  
Not really.

5. Do You Like Italian Food?  
Love Italian food.
6. Do You Like American Food?  
Some, not all of it.

7. Have You Ever Been On A Diet? 
Of course.

8. Do You Like Vegetables?  
Yes I do.

9. On A Scale From 1-5 How Much Do You Eat A Day (1= Not Eating, 5= Eating 3 Meals)?  

10. Do You Think You Eat Healthily?  
Sometimes but not really. I love cheese.

11. Do You Think You Are Ugly?  

12. Do You Like Your Hair?  
I do but I'm bummed I had to cut so much of it off after the last time I dyed it.

13. Do You Like The Way You Look?  

14. Would You Want To Change Anything?  
I like myself.

15. Do You Ever Wear A Lucky Color?  

16. Do yYou Care How Other People See You?  
90% of the time I have no fucks to give.

17. Do You Or Have You Ever Worn Braces?  

18. Do You Wear Glasses And/Or Contacts?  
Not currently because I've had LASIK twice.

19. Do You Want To Gain Weight, Lose Weight, Or Stay About The Same?  
I could lose weight or stay the same and be fine.

20. What Do You Do If You Have The Flu?  
I've never had the flu.

21. How Many Tries To Get Your Drivers License?  
Two times.

22. Are You Saving Up For Anything In The Future?  
No. I spend all my money on vacations and makeup.

23. Do You Have A Lot Of Spare Time?  
Depends... Some months I do and others I don't.

24. Do You Consider Yourself A Responsible Person?  
Yes and no...

25. Do You Consider Yourself A Lazy Person?
Hell yeah I am.


  1. You have never had the flu?? You're amazing!

    1. Nope. Never. I mean, I've gotten a crazy cold or two but never the flu.