October 17, 2016

Being K's Bridesmaid | Wedding Dress Shopping...

Over the weekend I had my first official duty as one of my sister's bridesmaids. I went dress shopping with my sister, our mother and Lisa. We went to two bridal shops here on Long Island, Village Bridal and Bridal Reflections in search of THE dress.
While we were at the first shop she officially asked Lisa and I to be her bridesmaids with these super cute and hilarious gifts that her wedding planners (Our friends Eileen and Jade) put together.
She didn't purchase a dress while we were out shopping but I'm pretty sure that she is going to end back up at Village Bridal to put a deposit on one of the dresses she tried on because she was pretty in love with it but wanted to check out her other options. We'll just have to wait and see...

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