October 18, 2016

Wedding Crashing | Lyle & Mollie's Wedding...

As I mentioned in my Life Update post this past weekend, I "crashed" my first wedding recently.

For months I'd been joking around with my sister's future brother-in-law Lyle and his fiancée Mollie, whom I both love, that I was going to crash their wedding. And after months of fun back and forth about me crashing their wedding and/or hiding the bushes like a creeper, I did. Well kinda sorta because they ended up invited Justin and I for cocktails, cake and dancing, which I told them they didn't have to do because I was just playing with them about crashing. But they insisted we join and Lyle even had my sister text me the day of the wedding to ask if I was crashing. And because the groom asked, Justin and I "crashed" their reception just in time for the party to really start. So we drank and danced and ate some fantastic cake in celebration of Lyle and Mollie.

I'm so glad we "crashed" because it was the most beautiful backyard wedding you've ever seen and they are such a wonderful couple.

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