December 6, 2016

Being P's Groomswoman | The Engagement Party...

This past Saturday night was Phil's engagement (Or engaygment) party where he finally asked people to be in his bridal groom party, which includes yours truly and my lovely husband.

He gave each of his nine party members (Yes, there are nine people on each grooms' side) a shot glass with our names, the wedding date and "Groomswoman" or "Groomsman" etched into it. And he gave his dad, whom he asked in the sweetest speech ever to be his best man, a beer glass with stuff etched on it. It was really cute.

Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures because the lighting was really bad at the place where they had the party (And two days before the party I broke out in rashes/hives from eating something from a fast food restaurant, so my face was and still is jacked up). But despite a lack of photographic evidence, we had a great time at the party.

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