March 3, 2017

Library Life | Naked Man In The Restroom...

Yesterday as I was walking into work I noticed that our Director and Newsletter Guy were having an issue with our resident homeless/smelly dude (We shall call him HSD for short and I would like to note that I'm not unsympathetic toward homeless people, it's just that this dude in particular is a real piece of shit that harasses and is rude to the staff even though people have tried to help him in the past). And because I had a bunch of stuff with me for a program Nicole and I were having, I just decided to ignore the situation and just go straight into my department.

So later on in the day I walk into the Newsletter Guy's office and find him sitting having a conversation with one of our custodians. I start asking about what had happened with HSD earlier and the custodian proceeds to tell me that he had see HSD walk into the library with a brown paper bag that had a can in it. It was pretty obvious that it was a beer and that he was going to the restroom to drink it, so our custodian went into the restroom to confirm his suspicion. He walks in and finds HSD standing totally naked in one of the stalls, the unopen beer sitting on one of the sinks. HSD slams the stall door when he sees him walk in, our custodian just grabs that beer and goes straight to the Director.

The Director comes down (Minus the custodian because he was done with the situation) as HSD is walking out of the restroom dressed but with no shoes on. So he starts having a conversation with him, which is when Newsletter Guy came out of his office to backup the Director. HSD proceeds to argue with the two men. They weren't having it and tell him that he needs to leave the library, etc. This is when I apparently walked pass to go to my Department.

Fast forward a few hours... Our custodian comes into the room that Nicole and I are setting up for our program to tell us that he had just went to speak to the Director and while they were talking the Director says "Did you not notice that he didn't have shoes on?" The custodian said "Um, no I didn't notice that he didn't have shoes on because HE WAS TOTALLY NAKED IN THE RESTROOM!"

So yeah, that was yesterday at the library.


  1. I totally get that people have mental illnesses and stuff, but I will NEVER understand why people do these kinds of things!

    1. HSD doesn't seem to have a mental illness. I think he is just a piece of shit human.

      My Department Head swears she saw him doing a drug deal in front of the library yesterday.