April 20, 2017

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As you all may or may not know, traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do. And before all of my trips I love doing research and trying to make things as easy as I can for when I'm actually off traveling (I'm sure you've seen at least one of my "Getting Ready For..." posts). So when contacted me with illustrated guides that they did for easy travel, I had to share them with all of you because they are pretty sweet little resources.

My favorite one in particular is "Where To Travel & When" because Justin and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to travel based on the time of the year that we want to go. And I truly believe that it is so important to have knowledge of what the weather is like during various seasons, when certain festivals or holidays are happening, etc. so you can plan properly.

A perfect example of this was our trip to Japan, which was amazing but it was just so hot, humid and sticky the whole time we were there because it was the beginning of typhoon season. And we actually knew that it wasn't going to be the most pleasant time of year weather wise to visit when we planned the trip but Justin really wanted us to go in August because he wanted to go to a Japanese baseball game. So we had to take all of that into consideration when we were planning and packing so that we were properly prepared, which we thankfully were.

Where and When to Travel - How to Plan a Healthy and Happy Vacation
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Another illustration that I really enjoy is their "How To Plan A Foolproof Itinerary" which is something Justin and I are constantly striving to do when we're planning a trip (You should see the spreadsheets that Justin makes before we go on vacation. They are incredible. So much so that we've contemplated selling the one he made for Iceland and Amsterdam because people are constantly asking us for it), and a lot of the tips that they mention are actual things that we do when planning our travel itineraries.

How to Plan a Vacation - How to Plan a Healthy and Happy Vacation
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For more of their travel illustrations and tips, you can visit the article which was written by Nicola Brown.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks!

    I'm really glad that they agree June is a good time to go to India. The guy that runs the office of the travel company says it is, but you never know if they're just trying to sell trips...

    1. I thought it was a great little bit of information.

      It sucks going on vacation in the wrong season. I LOVED Japan but I would never recommend going in the summer because it was just so hot.

      I can't wait to hear about your trip to India after you go!!