April 24, 2017

Saturday In Brooklyn...

This past Saturday Phil and I had one of our scheduled friend dates and we decided to spend it wandering around Brooklyn.

We intended on starting off our little day date by driving to Williamsburg to hit up the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg. But we ended up taking a detour on the way to hit up Porto Rico Importing Co. Coffee & Tea for some much needed caffeine, and then L Train Vintage (Or L'Train as we so stupidly thought for a hot second) because we love us a thrift shop.

While we were in L Train Vintage we jokingly decided that everyone attending his bachelor party in Colorado must wear flannel and cowboy boots Brokeback Mountain (2005) style. Whether or not we actual implement this ruling will be seen, but I think there is a fair chance you will be seeing photos from that trip with us all flanneled out.

When we were done looking at the overpriced items at L Train Vintage we hopped back into the car and drove down to Kent Street to hit up the Flea. As per usual we could not find parking anywhere near there, so we drove around forever and eventually found a spot blocks away from where we had to be. But that ended up being good because we got to see some awesome street art, found a little park near the old Domino Sugar Factory and just people watched a bit as we walked to the Flea.
We wandered the flea market side for awhile, looking at the various pieces of furniture, knick knacks, artwork, etc. until we got hungry and decided to brave the crazy lines on the Smorgasburg side (Who would have thought it would be so packed on such a rainy day).
Eventually we were done with the goings on at the flea market and decided it was time to move on. As we were walking to the car we strolled past OddFellows Ice Cream Co and decided to walk in to try some ice cream (And to use their restroom because there were no damn porta potties at the flea). I ended up getting a scoop of the most delicious black pepper fig ice cream, which I ate while Phil and I drove in traffic for an hour trying to head over towards Dead Horse Bay.
We had the best time just bullshitting and cracking jokes about our surroundings while we were in the car that hour. We also made another life decision, to go to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus next month before it closes down forever.

Eventually we made it to Dead Horse Bay but unfortunately the tide was starting to come in, so we didn't find as many treasures as we did the last time we went (Which you can read about here, here and here). But it was still fun looking through what garbage was there and trying not to get attacked by ticks and the rabbit witch.
Despite the fact that it was a rainy blah seeming day, we made the best of it all and had a great time with each other. I hope our next outing is during better weather and we can spend our time together outside and not in the car -- Even though I must say we tend to have the best of times when in the car together.

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