February 6, 2018

La Boda de Valentina Trailer

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and you know what that means, it's Rom-Com season. And I know I don't mention it often but I do enjoy a good Rom-Com in between all the bad horror movies that I love so much.

Recently I was sent the trailer for the upcoming film La Boda de Valentina (2018), which is a bilingual Rom-Com hitting theaters February 9th, and I just thought it looked so perfect for Valentine's Day that I just had to share it with all of you.
What would you do if your fiancé asked you to get married in your home country, but you know  that the  moment  you land your ex (and love of your life) is going to try to win you back? This is exactly what  happened to Valentina, played by Marimar Vega, in Pantelion Films newest “La Boda de Valentina,” in theatres February 9, 2018. 
Valentina seems to have the perfect life in New York, with a perfect job and a perfect boyfriend, Jason  Tat e (Ryan Carnes) — far, far away from her scandalous political family in Mexico. When Jason proposes  to her and wants to go to home to meet the family she has been keeping a secret, her two worlds clash. At first she refuses to go but unforeseen circumstances force her to go to the motherland. 
As soon as she arrives, she discovers that her family set her up in a fake marriage with her ex - boyfriend,  Angel (Omar Chaparo) to help her father ’s political  campaign .  Even though the sham was supposed to  be temporary and kept secret,  she soon realizes that the “divorce” papers are not going to be easy to  get.  Meanwhile in New York, Jason sens es that there’s something wrong and decides to surprise her. It is  then that he meets Angel and  realizes he’s still madly in love with Valentina and is willing to do anything  to win her over.
Between arguments and fights, Angel and Jason want to prove who Valentina has had the most fun  with. Jason took her to a Coldplay  concert  but with Angel she drank a whole bottle of tequila, Angel took  her to swim in Cozumel but she went scuba diving in Aruba with Jason. Somehow by the time the night  had ended they had gotten drunk together and even started a fight with some Lucha Libre  wrestlers.
Valentina quickly realizes that she  cannot run away from her past and that she needs to decide who her  heart belongs to.
Here's the trailer for anyone interested...

Release Date: February 9, 2018 
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rated: R
Cast: Kate Vernon, Ryan Carnes, Omar Chaparro,  Marimar Vega, Jesús Zavala, Tony Dalton & Christian Tappán
Directed by: Marco Polo Constandse
Written by: Beto Gómez, Santiago Limón & Issa López
Produced by: Tania Benítez, Marco Polo Constandse, Angela Donald, Henry Less, Issa López, Avelino Rodríguez & Carlos Taibo

Personally I really enjoy that it's a bilingual film with a familiar concept that has some spice to it. It's nice, at least for me, to see a Rom-Com without your typical players and an all English speaking cast. I really do look forward to see this because it just looks like so much fun, especially for the season.

Lemme know what you think!

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