May 12, 2018

Hanging Out With Day In Brooklyn

Yesterday I drove into Brooklyn (Which those of you that have been with me for a long time know that I absolutely hate doing) to hang out with Day at her new apartment.

We started off our day by walking over to L'imprimerie (This awesome little bakery and cafe that used to be a print shop) for some delicious tartines, iced hibiscus tea and gossip.

After our late breakfast/early lunch we decided to walk over to a local ghetto variety store to pick up various items for the apartment, but not before hitting up a piragua cart we saw on the way (Not gonna lie, I got supper excited when I saw the man and his cart because they don't have piragua on Long Island).

Once we got everything we thought we needed, we hit up a local furniture store that didn't have anything we needed before heading back to the apartment. While back at the apartment we attempted to hang curtains and tension rods that didn't fit (Taking measurements is a moot point when you don't write them down and bring them to the store with you).

After our half ass janky job (Which Day's boyfriend later gave us an A for creativity), we decided to take the subway (But not before having a drink on the roof of her new building with a lovely view of the Manhattan skyline) to City Point Shopping Center to hit up Little Giants Giant Shorties to pick up a few things for my future niece, Target to buy real stuff for the Day's apartment and DeKalb Market Hall because we like good food and day drinking (I highly recommend getting a glass of frosé from Brooklyn Wine Cellar, a cheese board from Belle Cheese and some pierogis to go from Pierogi Boys).

When we were done shopping (Which we did tipsy) we got an Uber to take us back to Day's apartment because there was no way in hell we were going to attempt to get the TV stand and other various items we bought on the subway.

The rest of our evening consisted of me eating pieogis on the couch and watching Day trying to put together the TV stand, while her boyfriend cracked jokes and made up songs about the good job she was doing -- Eventually he started helping her, I'm a jerk and I did not.

It was a really fun day. I'm glad I didn't let my borough driving anxiety keep me from visiting Day at her new apartment. And I can't wait for it to get even nicer out so we can go on some more adventures around Brooklyn.

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