May 20, 2018

Lost Dog

For the past two weeks Toni and I had been talking about go on some sort of outdoor adventure with the kids yesterday. Unfortunately the weather here on Long Island has been pretty crappy for the past week, so going on an adventure was not in the cards for us.

Or so we thought...

Since we couldn't go out we figured we'd stay in and try to make a batch of sea glass candy for Bianca's upcoming sweet sixteen. So I went to her house a little after 1:00pm and noticed her in the front door with an unfamiliar dog (Her family has two and her parents have two that they watch sometimes). I walk into the house and the first thing out of Tom's mouth is "No, we did not get another dog..." Then Toni proceeds to tell me that not five minutes before I drove up she noticed this pug walking in the pouring rain, no owner in sight and no collar. So, she said she called out "Hey dog!" and he ran straight into her house.

We proceeded to spend the next thirty minutes figuring out a game plan for finding this super sweet lost dog's owner. Which included Toni posting a picture of him on a local mom's Facebook group, me texting my brother-in-law who used to be a manager at a dog kennel and googling the location of the nearest animal hospital to see if he happened to be chipped.

After doing all that we got in the car in the pouring rain to go to the animal hospital. Just as we pulled up Toni noticed a message on the Facebook post of a screen shot of someone else's Facebook post about their recently missing pug. So she contacted them and when they got back to us fifteen minutes later and we established it was their dog, we drove him home.

The owner was so happy to see Pugsly (Whom I dubbed Sir Pugs-a-Lot in our short time together). He told Toni that the dog likes to dig and dug his way out of the backyard. Which apparently he has done numerous times before. And that because he is such a friendly dog, people have tried to keep him -- A family down the block found him the day they were moving to Pennsylvania tried to take him with them but another neighbor stopped them.

I'm so glad that we got Pugsly back to his family and in a timely fashion because we were worried that we had a new dog on our hands (Thankfully both Day and Phil said that if we couldn't find the owners that they'd take him). And now we know if we see a wander pug who he is and where to bring him.

So that's how adventure found us yesterday...

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