July 24, 2010

Eight Hours...

Yesterday I worked eight hours (9:00am-6:00pm).

Within those eight hours:
  • I finished this drawing I started the other day -- I'll scan it tomorrow and post it because it is kinda small and scanning it would do it more justice than taking a photo of it
  • Had lunch with Justin -- Yummy yummy pizza because the line at the panini place was almost out of the door
  • Did a craft with the children of the library
  • Talked to one of my Drawing Club kids about what I'd do if zombies were to attack -- We had like a twenty minute conversation about it and together we came up with some awesome ideas
  • Updated one of my coworkers on what they missed by not joining us at work all week -- No I still cannot discuss what happened with all of you, but when and if I can I totally will because it has been an odd week
After work I hung out with Justin and a couple of our friends. We went out for Japanese food -- I enjoyed everything but my actual meal. When we were finished eating we went across the street to this place that makes homemade ice cream -- It was delicious, I had chocolate peanut butter ice cream with bananas and fresh whipped cream. While at the ice cream/diner place the waiter spilled water all over one of our friends, it was hilarious. After ice cream we headed back to one of my friend's houses and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005-Present).

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