September 30, 2010

Signed Sealed Delivered...

Yesterday I got a voicemail from "Favorite Page #1" telling me that she received the box-o-goodies that my Department Head and I sent her -- We sent her one of those flat rate boxes from the post office filled with things that we thought that she'd like. She sounded so happy and I was just ecstatic about it. After I listen to her voicemail I called her back so that everyone in the Department could say hello to her and so that she could hear some familiar voices. I think it brightened up everyone's day.

In addition to speaking to "Favorite Page #1" yesterday, we had a crêpe party in the office. I brought Justin' crêpe maker to work and made a bunch of crêpes. My coworkers supplied the filling and we had a ball. Yesterday was an awesome day.

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