January 2, 2011

Library Voice...

I just remembered the other day when I was out with Phil I called my mother at work while I was waiting for him to do his thing at the bank and she ended up putting me on the phone with one of her coworkers because she wanted to know if libraries offered e-books that she could read on her iPad. I explained to her that I didn't know what her library had to offer because her library is nowhere near mine and that if I was at home I'd check her library's website. I told her what she should do and got off the phone with her.

Later on that evening before everyone headed over to my friend's grandfather's wake Phil made a point to tell everyone that I was creepy when I was talking on the phone to people about library stuff. Apparently everyone agrees that my "Library Voice" is weird and it freaks them out a bit because they know me so well and they know how mean I can be. I just thought it was amusing.

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