January 11, 2011

Ten Hour Day...

I worked for ten hours today. In those ten hours I attended two meetings at a library over an hour away from my house (I woke up at 6:30am in order to be ready when my Department Head picked me up at 7:30am), I dealt with a mob of teens who behaved so badly a patron actually complained to the Director and he called the cops on them, I had to try and help several clueless children who didn't know anything about what they wanted, etc. Thankfully working for an extra three hours today means that I get to leave early on Friday. I can't wait for Friday, unless the Snow Gods answer my prayers and make it snow so much we're closed tomorrow. We shall see...


  1. Good grief, sounds like you have a bunch of punk ass teen patrons. Thankfully we don't get too many of those or I'd get fired for punching one (or all) in the face.

    I'm right there with you hoping for a paid day snow day tomorrow!

  2. Punk ass is being nice, you cannot believe the number of expletives you'd need to use to accurately describe them. I actually told my Director yesterday that I wish I was 16 years-old so I could beat the shit out of them.

    So, did you get a snow day? We got a delayed opening, so I have to go in at 1:00pm.

  3. Yeah, if I wasn't an employee I would have redone quite a few of my patron interactions.

    People say we "dodged a bullet," we only had an inch or two. I'm still holding out for a blizzard.