March 2, 2011

Birthday Party For The Good Doctor...

Seeing as today is Dr. Seuss' 107th birthday, we had a party with the kids. I spent hours setting up the program room -- I covered the tables with yellow paper, hung up balloons and cut outs of Dr. Seuss characters, set up a book display, set the tables, made goody bags, turned a red velvet cake into Thing One, etc. It all took forever, but it was worth it because the room looked awesome. I had twenty-three kids (and some that I had to deny) show up. We ate pizza that the local Domino's donated to us, played a Seuss trivia game, sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cake, then we did a craft -- We made doll head pins look like Thing One and Thing Two. It was a lot of stuff crammed into one hour, it was hectic at times, someone got red paint all over our white walls and I got some attitude, but it was still an awesome party. Thankfully I have time to recover from this party before I throw another.

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