December 4, 2011

Baby Shower...

Seeing as I couldn't attend Nicole's other baby shower because I had to work and go to the Foo Fighters concert, I kinda sorta crashed her work baby shower with my sister -- I wasn't really crashing because my sister used to work where she works and we know just about everyone on staff.

It was a tiny baby shower in the restaurant that she works at. One of the cooks who we're all friends with made all of the food (Which was amazing) and all of the girls who work there set everything up. They got Nicole there under the guise that the owner needed her to work a private party and she had to be in by 5:00pm. Seeing as she has pregnancy brain she totally believed them and was surprised when she got in -- She was actually complaining that she was in her work uniform and everyone else looked so pretty, but her mother had made sure she had a change of clothing so she wasn't stuck in her ugly work outfit.

It wasn't a long baby shower (Maybe about two hours) and there were sadly no games, but Nicole got tons of stuff for her baby boy. I cannot wait to see the little man and all of the adorable clothing shes gotten from people for him. I'm honestly just hoping that she doesn't pop while Erin and I are in Las Vegas for our other friend's wedding. I told Nicole's mom to make sure she doesn't go into labor until after January 16th. We'll see... I'll totally be blogging about her having the baby because I'm leaving work as soon as I find out he has busted out.

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