December 8, 2011

Crap Crap...

The Clerk who I mentioned that was trying to get me in trouble for using the word "crap" in a note had the nerve to pretend like nothing was going on and that everything was fine when I walked into the building this morning. It kills me that she and the others were standing there smiling at me when I know for a fact that five minutes before I walked into the building they were talking about me. Thankfully the Head Clerk was there for everything and she was defending me.

I'm done. If these women wanna play games, it's on and I'm gonna win. No more nice librarian.


  1. Really?! That's redick.
    Time to roll up your cardigan sleeves and throw some 'bows.

  2. I know! I posted a picture of the note that started it all so you can see how stupid this all is.