August 6, 2012

Foreign Films & Cupcakes...

I spent this fine evening hanging out with "Favorite Page #1" and getting some time in with her before she heads back to college next week. We originally had planned to watch Labyrinth (1986) at my house and eat Mexican popcorn, but while reading my current issue of Nylon the other day I saw that there was a movie about Marie Antionette playing called Les Adieux à la Reine or Farewell, My Queen (2012) and I talked her into going to see it.

Before going to the theater we hit up a cupcake shop that was on the way and bought a couple of cupcakes to smuggle in with us (Let them eat cake!). We got to the theater a bit early so we had to wait in the lobby until the girl told us we could come in (We went to a really tiny theater that plays indie flicks). Eventually we got in, watched the movie and discussed the movie on the drive home.

The movie was interesting. I enjoyed it very much so, but I always tend to enjoy the foreign language movies. Do I think most people would have enjoyed it? No. It was in French and a bit odd, but I'm weird so I liked it.

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