August 9, 2012

Twenty-Five Things That Make Me Happy...

While I was downstairs at the Adult Reference desk yesterday I found a book that had been donated to us called 14,000 Things To Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer. As I was looking through the book I got to thinking that it might be nice to do a Twenty-Five Things That Make Me Happy linkup because I think it might be interesting to know what makes other people happy.
  1. The smell of the ocean
  2. Receiving packages in the mail
  3. Realizing it's warm enough to drive around with all of the windows open
  4. Raspberry cream pie from Briermere Farms
  5. Car dancing with my friends
  6. Buying Halloween costumes
  7. Hearing the song "SexyBack" & thinking about my college roommate running to find me at a bar so we could dance
  8. Glitter
  9. Old library books
  10. People that understand the pop culture references I make
  11. My mom's baked mac and cheese
  12. Taking sneaky pictures of my friends
  13. Listening to 90's pop music
  14. New bottles of nail polish
  15. Finding an article of clothing that I forgot I owned and rocking it
  16. Knowing that the roses I planted next to my grandmother's headstone grow back every year
  17. Getting shot glasses from new places
  18. Realizing it's cranberry season so I can make cranberry almond muffins
  19. Knowing what Justin was going to say before he says it
  20. Perfecting a new recipe and having everyone I feed it to enjoy it
  21. Old cemeteries
  22. Getting paid to do arts & crafts
  23. Day drinking with my college friends
  24. Cooking Christmas Eve dinner
  25. Finding awesome books in the donation pile
Adventures of a Misfit Librarian


  1. i love this list! *stealing/but giving credit of course*

  2. Love this! I will be doing this very shortly. What a neat book, I love positive things. :)

  3. I love lists! And I love this project.