September 11, 2012

10% Discount For Shabby Apple...

Earlier today I got an e-mail from Shabby Apple with a 10% discount code I could share with all of you and obviously I had to jump on that bad boy for all of you and make a post about it because who doesn't love a discount?! The code is favorite10 and it expires September 14th, 2012, so you better start shopping!
Since I got the code I decided to peruse the site to check out the dresses since I'll be needing one soon and these are my particular favorites dress...

Honorable Mentions

Are all super pretty. Which is your favorite piece from Shabby Apple?

My sister actually bought Tea Time last month to wear to her friend's upcoming wedding. And lemme tell you, it is so flipping pretty. The quality of it it wonderful, it  she looks so nice in it (She isn't around for me to make her put it on and take pictures, or they'd be up here).

DISCOUNT CODE: favorite10
EXPIRES 09/14/2012

NOTE: I did not get compensated to make this post, but there was incentive because I did get entered to win a dress of my choice. That being said, everything stated above is my personal opinion.

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