November 10, 2012

Pretending Things Are Okay...

Yesterday, after dealing with hurricane crap for over a week I got to pretend to be a real person again. Erin had texted me earlier in the day asking me to please go back to Justin's so she could stop by and hang out with people because she hadn't left her house since her cousin's wake/funeral last week. So I made it happen. I went back to Justin's and she got to have human interaction. The three of us got coffee, did some shopping and had dinner, then we headed back to Justin's where Erin and I locked ourselves in Justin's room and called various people.

One of those people was Maria whom happened to be on her way to the place she has been staying since the storm, so we made her come to Justin's. The three of us hung out for a while in Justin's bedroom talking, drinking wine, etc. until we decided to head over to a local bar where we had a few drinks, a late night snack and just enjoyed each others company.

It was really nice to pretend like everything was okay for a few hours. The three of us decided that if we were all still displaced next weekend that we'd do it again and try to make the best of what Sandy handed us.

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