November 21, 2012

Visiting Friends...

Since the hurricane a lot of my friends have become displaced because of all of the damage done to their houses and apartments, so Erin and I have been going around for the past couple of days and visiting some of them.

On Monday after some shopping we stopped by Nicole's new place to see her and baby Jack. We helped her with somethings around the house and just caught up. It was nice hanging out with mama and baby for a few hours, especially since I haven't seen Jack in a while. The place they are staying in is relatively close to Justin's apartment so I'll be going to visit them often.

Yesterday we drove into Queens to see our friend (The one that moved to Raleigh and then back) and her daughter. We picked her daughter up from school with her, took them to Tortilleria Nixtamal for some amazing tacos (Which was an adventure all in itself because I had to drive from Richmond Hill to Corona and I hate driving in the boroughs) and then we went back to her new unfurnished apartment where we talked, played hide & go seek in the dark, etc.
I'm really glad we got to go visit peoples. It kinda makes things feel normal and it's nice to see people picking themselves back up and trying to start again even if it isn't where we're all from.


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