April 18, 2013

Help Me Pick Out A Dress...

Okay, so I'm going to a wedding Memorial Day weekend and I need help picking out a dress to wear. It's an afternoon wedding at the Westbury Manor and they are getting married in the garden, the reception is in the actual manor. There was no dress code on the wedding invitation, but I e-mailed the bride and she said the wedding itself is on the formal side but since it's in the afternoon cocktail dresses and suits would be fine. So yeah, I need some help and here are some of the dresses I've decided that I kinda like...
Valentine Lace Dress from Fashion to Figure ($45.00)
Sash Tied Lace Dress from eShakti ($79.95)
[I'm thinking about adding sleeves & making it a wide scoop at the neckline]
Ashley Dress from eShakti ($109.95)

Lemme know which one you guys like the best!


  1. The last dress! I LOVE THE BLACK AND WHITE! It's classy, it's beautiful, and it is more white than black which is great for the spring. It would also look great with a shrug if it's chilly.

  2. Love the last Black and white one- just the write amount of causal and formal!

  3. The black-and-white one is darling!! The print is very springy-chill yet wedding-formal. And accessorizing would be fun too, huh? Red/fucsia/yellow/teal accessories (incl. a shrug and/or a belt if need be) would look SO good! However, the peplum one comes at a VERY close second (in fact, if I saw these at the store, I'd try one the peplum one first and the BW one afterwards) though not in black b/c it's too early in the day and you wouldn't want to look like you were in mourning :P.. (Maybe in red?! Oooh la la!) I'd add that the Maxi one looks way flattering too--I'd try that one on third :).

    Idk if I was any help haha.. Oh, yay it's my button! (>>>) See ya and good luck deciding!

  4. Love the 2nd choice. The lace on top is beautiful!