April 16, 2013

Strawberry Banana Spinach Smoothie...

• 1 Banana • 1 Cup of Strawberries •
• 1-1/2 Cups of Baby Spinach • 1/2 Cup of Almond Milk •
• Ice (I had frozen Almond Milk That I Used) • Vanilla Agave to Taste •

Take all of the ingredients, throw it in a blender and blend away (I'm too lazy to do anything but cut the green part of the strawberries off). It's super easy, gross looking but very yummy. If you want you can add protein powder, flax seeds or what have you -- I would have added all of these things if I would have had some in the house, I need to make a run to the health food store.

Do you guys have any favor smoothie recipes? If you do lemme know and I'll try it!


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    1. Hi!! Thanks for following me! Of course I'll be following you back!

      Where in NY are you from?

  2. There is absolutely no need for Strawberries, Bananas and Spinach to be in the same sentence needless a smoothie!

    1. You shut your mouth because it is tasty.

      Don't make me go to your house, make you one and force you to drink it! :-P