October 18, 2013

Overdue: Rise Of The Jack O'Lanterns...

I had mentioned in my post about seeing Stephen Lynch at The Space in Westbury that I had gone to Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns at the Old Westbury Gardens after the show and here are some of the pictures from that...
Obviously I don't have pictures of everything that was there (It's a bitch to take pictures of lit up pumpkins without a tripod), so here is a list of this year's themes...

At the Movies
Kids Halloween
A Tribute to Tim Burton
Dia De Los Muertos
The Walking Dead
New York City Skyline
Optical Illusions
Classic Art
Flower Garden
Scenes from Old Westbury Gardens
Pumpkin Tree
The Greenhouse
Pop Stars
Video Games
The Big Bang Theory
Outer Space
Pumpkin Hell

If you're on Long Island and your interested in Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns there is still time to see it because it is running through the first weekend in November.

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