October 27, 2014

Photo-An-Hour (And A Few Halfs): Saturday, October 25th...

A little late on Saturday I decided I should do an photo-an-hour. Here is how my day went...

12:00PM - Driving to go run errands.

1:00PM - Thrifting.

BONUS PICTURE + A SONG - JaRule plaque!

Always On Time (ft Ashant) by Jarule on Grooveshark

2:00PM - Justin & I headed over to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for lunch.

3:00PM - Since there is a Barnes & Nobel in the same shopping center as the restaurant, we went in.

4:00PM - We went shopping at Micheal's for craft supplies for a DIY I have coming up.

4:30PM - Fancy grocery shopping.

5:00PM - Quick trip to Home Depot because I needed painters tape for that DIY I mentioned.

5:30PM - More thrifting.

6:00PM - Drove home.

After that things got really boring, so I didn't take anymore pictures.


  1. Well that looks like an eventful afternoon!

    1. It was! I just wish I would have thought to start taking pictures earlier.