November 30, 2014

Sunday Steal...

What Kind Of Job Did Your Mom Have When You Were Growing Up?
She has always worked at the hospital.

Have You Ever Known Anyone That’s Been On TV, Including You?
Oh yeah. I've been to tons of TV show tapping so I've been in the audience, I also got to pet Anderson Cooper's head on TV and I got interviewed for one of the Long Island news channels after the Little Free Libraries went up this summer. Also I know people who have been on TV.

What Was The Most Interesting Animal You Have Seen In The Wild? 
I don't think I've seen anything crazy interesting but I've seen sea turtles, seals, etc.

What Holiday Do You Enjoy The Most? 
Christmas Eve.

What Was The First Video Game You Ever Played? 
Probably a Mario game on the original Nintendo.

What Is The One Thing You Own, That If It Got Lost, You Would Be Bummed?
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.

Do You Have A Favorite Breakfast Item?

What Do You Find Yourself Buying All The Time?    
Makeup. I really like buying makeup.

When Was The Last Time You Got A Real Letter In The Mail?
Letter letter? I had a pen pal in Australia named Lou and that was like a year or so ago.

Do you have a most prized piece of jewelry? 
I have a few amazing rings but my most prized is my engagement ring.

Do You Own Any Board Games?  
I have a bunch.

What chore seems the most daunting right now?   
Cleaning the floors. I hate sweeping and mopping. Which is why I need someone to send me a iRobot Roomba® 880.

Were You Born In The State You Live In?   
Born and raised in New York.

Have You Ever Lived In A House That Has Been Broken Into? 
Thank Gods no. 

What Is Your Favorite Cheese?  
This is hard because I love cheese. I think I need to go with Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo (Pecorino with black truffles).

Who Do You Know That Watches The Most Sports?
Justin watches baseball and basketball.

December Photo-A-Day...

Here is the photo a day list Fat Mum Slim made for December...
How to take part in December photo-a-day:
1. Using the list as inspiration, take a photo each day.
2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FMSphotoaday You can also share on your blog or on Facebook ... or even keep the photos privately for yourself.
3. Check out other people's photos and like them or comment on them

November 29, 2014

Overdue: Sleepy Hollow...

In the beginning of October my cousins came to New York and we took a day trip up to Sleepy Hollow, here are some of the pictures...

November 28, 2014

Stuck In My Head: 7/11...

I've had Beyonce's newest offering "7/11" stuck in my head since the minute I heard it. And I know it's a ridiculous song and so is the video but I absolutely love it.

7/11 by Beyoncé on Grooveshark

This Just Pinned: Week One Hundred & Twenty-Two...

Here are the highlights of my last week pinning...
(via: Pinterest)

As always if you want to see what else I have up on Pinterest you can check out my account here.

November 26, 2014

Christmas 2014 Wishlist...

Since the holiday shopping season officially starts tomorrow I thought I'd post a little Christmas wishlist -- Especially since I know my mom, Justin and other family members read my blog.
1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - $58.00
2. Kate Spade "This Is The Year" Idiom Bangle (Gold) - $58.00
3. Clarisonic Mia 2 Pink Holiday Set - $149.00
4. GoPro HERO4 Black - $499.99
5. Paddywax Tobacco & Patchouli Apothecary Candle - $19.00
6. Too Faced Melted Kisses - $25.00
7. Hermès Eau de Polysemous Rose - $130.00

November 25, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Van...

Since I had a handful of people who entered my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD giveaway mention that their kids love Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles I thought I'd share with you guys information on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Van.

Be on the lookout for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Van, which will be distributing FREE pizza and also collecting new, unwrapped toys for local Boys & Girls Clubs.  Grab a slice and customize it with wacky, Turtle-inspired toppings and have a chance to score a Turtle eye mask and other fun prizes!  The 10-city tour celebrates the home entertainment debut of the blockbuster film.

Tuesday, November 25—Miami    
Friday, November 28—Atlanta                    
Wednesday, December 3—Nashville                    
Friday, December 5—Chicago                    
Sunday, December 7—Indianapolis                    
Tuesday, December 9—Cincinnati                    
Wednesday, December 10—Cleveland                    
Friday, December 12—Philadelphia                    
Sunday, December 14—Boston                    
Tuesday, December 16—New York City

Check out for complete details of the tour stops.

Lemme know if you go check it out!

From The Hold Shelf (Or What I'm About To Read)...

"The Cheap Chica's Guide to Style" by Lilliana Vazquez
Priceless tips and tricks to shopping on a budget, from America’s favorite frugal fashionista  Stylish bargain-hunters have been flocking to Lilliana Vazquez’s since 2008 for tips and tricks on how to shop smart, copy their favorite designer looks, and dress chic for less. Now a go-to destination for women eager for affordable fashion, the site has established Lilliana as a nationally recognized style expert.   

Now, in The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style, Lilliana is spilling her secrets! Fun quizzes will help readers define their style and budget. And Lilliana lays out the best places—from stores to flash-sale sites to their own closets— to score stylish deals. Approachable and beautifully designed, The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style is the must-have accessory for 2013 and beyond.

Website: The Cheap Chica's Guide To Style

•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •


Here is what Justin is currently reading...

"Revival: A Novel" by Stephen King

In a small New England town, over half a century ago, a shadow falls over a small boy playing with his toy soldiers. Jamie Morton looks up to see a striking man, the new minister. Charles Jacobs, along with his beautiful wife, will transform the local church. The men and boys are all a bit in love with Mrs. Jacobs; the women and girls feel the same about Reverend Jacobs—including Jamie’s mother and beloved sister, Claire. With Jamie, the Reverend shares a deeper bond based on a secret obsession. When tragedy strikes the Jacobs family, this charismatic preacher curses God, mocks all religious belief, and is banished from the shocked town.  

Jamie has demons of his own. Wed to his guitar from the age of thirteen, he plays in bands across the country, living the nomadic lifestyle of bar-band rock and roll while fleeing from his family’s horrific loss. In his mid-thirties—addicted to heroin, stranded, desperate—Jamie meets Charles Jacobs again, with profound consequences for both men. Their bond becomes a pact beyond even the Devil’s devising, and Jamie discovers that revival has many meanings.

•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

The books from the last edition of "From The Hold Shelf (Or What I'm About To Read)" "Penny Chic: How to Be Stylish On A Real Girl's Budget" by Shauna Miller was okay. I adore Rachel Khoo, so I was all about "My Little French Kitchen" but "Love, Lashes & Lipstick: My Secrets For A Gorgeous, Happy Life" by Mally Roncal was my favorite out of the three. It was so interesting reading about her life and how she got started. I'd definately recommend it if you want a quick read.

November 24, 2014

Photo-An-Hour: Saturday, November 22nd...

8:00AM - Justin and I drove into Queens to go wait on line outside of Citi Field for Foo Fighters tickets.

9:00AM - Waiting in the cold.

10:00AM - Mrs. Met rocking a Foo Fighters Mets jersey.

11:00AM - Almost to the ticket window...

Made it!!!

12:00AM - My reward for standing outside int he cold for hours, Mexican food!

1:00PM - Driving back from Queens.

2:00PM - Stopped at the thrift store to get ugly sweaters. Ended up with a painting of a cock.

3:00PM-5:00PM - No photos because Justin and I took naps.

6:00PM - Driving to meet up with our friends for dinner and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

7:00PM - Waiting for our friends to show up for dinner.

8:00PM - Fish and chips that weren't that good and took forever to get.

9:00PM - H (Yes, that is her actual name) & Phil playing video games as we wait to get seats.

10:00PM - Waiting for the movie to start.