June 9, 2015

Entenmann's Banana Cake | A Tale Of Love & Hate...

Back in April, right before Alana and Allie wedding, I had this crazy craving for Entenmann's Banana Cake which I found out was no longer available in the Long Island area thus causing me to go on a rant on Twitter. Well Chas saw my Twitter rant and chimed in about how the cake wasn't available in the San Francisco area and how she too was dying for a piece of this cake. And since she was coming to New York for the wedding and we had plans to hang out in New York City -- Which if you haven't already, you can read about here -- we decided that we were gonna go on the hunt for a box of this cake. Well, that didn't happen and so there was no Entenmann's Banana Cake to be had. But I did end up making a banana cake from scratch that was awesome but it wasn't the same as the Entenmann's cake.

Fast forward to this past Sunday... Justin and I are out grocery shopping and we walked past the endcap where the Entenmann's products are on display. I happened to look down (Which I don't typically do because I'm not normally into sweets) and there were boxes of the elusive Entenmann's Banana Cake. I flipped my shit. I started cursing up a storm in the middle of Stop & Shop, sent out a Snapchat to Chas of me flipping my shit and threw a box of the cake in my shopping cart.
So now, a month and a half too late I have a box of the Entenmann's Banana Cake that I so desperately wanted to share with Chas and she is all the way across the country.

I'm super bummed that she isn't here to cut it down the middle and eat it with me (Yes, we were planning on eating half of the cake each -- Don't judge us). Which I expressed to her already but she very much so wants me to enjoy it on her behalf and has sent me texts telling me to eat it.

I'm planning on mailing her a box or two of the cake within the next week and maybe having a Facetime and/or Snapchat cross country cake eating party. 

As for the cake I threw into my shopping cart, I brought it into work and am planning on sharing it with Nicole who got super excited when she saw the picture I posted of it on Instagram -- Which fun fact, Entenmann's sent me a message about and I had to stop myself from yelling at them.
So yeah... That's the tale of the Entenmann's cake.


  1. *sigh* Entemann's, yet another food thing we don't have down here :(

  2. I've never had it, but now I need it.

    1. Oooh it's so good in a sugary sweet childhood memory sort of way.

  3. I've been searching and searching high and low for this banana cake! I contacted entemanns to see if I can order it but they don't take orders. They don't carry it anywhere near me! 😩 this cake was a huge part of my childhood growing up.

  4. Im so sad and jealous of you!!! I'm in FL and they don't sell it down here 😤😤😤. This was/is the most amazing cake ever!!! I use to eat it with my grandfather all the time. I seen someone is selling them for $23 on EBay?!? That's a crazy price but I'm think about doing it...cheaper than a flight up north!