June 7, 2015

Sunday Steal...

Would You Rather Go Into The Past And Meet Your Ancestors Or Go Into The Future And Meet Your Great-Great Grandchildren? 
Meet my ancestors.  

Would You Rather Have More Time Or More Money?

Would You Rather Have A Rewind Button Or A Pause Button On Your Life? 

Would You Rather Be Able To Talk With The Animals Or Speak All Foreign Languages? 
Speak all foreign languages.

Would You Rather Win The Lottery Or Live Twice As Long? 
Lottery. I need more money.

Would You Feel Worse If No One Showed Up To Your Wedding Or To Your Funeral? 
Wedding because I wouldn't know if anyone showed up to my funeral or not.

Would You Rather Be Without Internet For A Week Or Without Your Phone?
Without my phone.

Would You Rather Meet George Washington Or The Current President?
Either would be cool.

Would You Rather Lose Your Vision Or Your Hearing? 
Neither but... Hmm...    

Would You Rather Work More Hours Per Day But Fewer Days Or Work Fewer Hours Per Day But More Days?
More hours per day.

Would You Rather Listen To Music From The 70’s Or Music From Today? 
Music from today.

Would You Rather Become Someone Else Or Just Stay You?  
Be someone else for like a day but forever I'd rather be me. 

Would You Rather Be Batman Or Spiderman? 
Batman all day every day. 

Would You Rather Be Stuck On A Broken Ski Lift Or In A Broken Elevator?    
Broken elevator.

For Your Birthday, Would You Rather Receive Cash Or Gifts?
Cash always.


  1. Sight or sound sure is a difficult one to choose!

    1. It is! I read books for a living but I love music.

  2. Broken elevator for SURE. And definitely Batman. Always be Batman.

  3. More money is always nice. And yes, either Prez would be cool. :o)

    1. Oh it is. I wish I had some more right now.

      I'm totally not picky. I'd like to meet any president.