June 3, 2015

Saturday At Sands Point Preserve...

Since we're going to Iceland in a few months and the majority of the tours we booked while we're there consist of walking/hiking, Justin and I have been hitting up the local state parks with hiking trails to "train" for the trip. So here are some of the pictures I took while we walked/hiked around the Sands Point Preserve this past Saturday...

If you are looking for a nice park on Long Island, I highly recommend checking out Sands Point Preserve. It was beautiful and I think it's our new favorite park.


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    1. It is a super beautiful place. I highly recommend visiting if you're every on Long Island and like parks.

  2. Hi- So glad you enjoyed your day at the SPP. I work with the PR Team and thank you for the beautiful images and write up. If you ever need anything, please email me at Jana.Raphael@gmail.com
    Thank you

    1. It was my pleasure. The park is gorgeous and my husband and I cannot wait to go back.