June 1, 2015

Month In Review: May 2015...

♥ Booking the majority of the excursions for our trip to Iceland & Amsterdam.
♥ Celebrating my sister's 28th birthday.
♥ Having Nicole, Eileen, Erin, my sister and the kiddies over my apartment for dinner.
♥ Discovering Extra Toasty Cheez-Its (Which I plan on writing a post about).
♥ Having the apartment to myself for a week while Justin was away for work.
♥ Having park dates with Justin at Caleb Smith State Park Preserve and Sands Point Preserve.
♥ Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon hanging out with Erin, Day, Toni & Toni's kids by the bay.
♥ The first beach day of 2015.
♥ Discovering new restaurants.
♥ Spending time with Justin's grandparents.

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You Doodle Pro  ♥

♥ Redrum (2013-Present) ♥
 ♥ The Willis Family (2015-Present)♥ 
♥ Killer Shrimp (2015) ♥
♥ Hart's War (2002) ♥


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