August 15, 2015

Getting My Craft On | DIY Shark Tank Top...

When you live in a beach community people obviously like to do things on the beach and one thing that our community likes to do is show movies on the beach every Saturday night in the summer.

So when they released the schedule of movies a couple of months back Phil decided that we should all go watch Jaw (1975) the night they show it and that night is next week.

Since I've been on a kick making/buying things for our various outings as of late, I decided to search Pinterest to see if there were any feasible shark things that I could make happen. And while I was searching I came across a shirt from Forever 21 (Which I apparently I had pinned a while back) of a line drawn shark that said "Feed Me" above it and I immediate needed it in my life to wear next week. Unfortunately it was no longer available (Damn it Forever 21!) but I decided that I wanted it bad enough that I'd make it for myself.
So I got my self a shirt, a marker and some scrap paper to doodle on and went to town.
Even though this was super easy because it was just drawing, here are the supplies I used and how I did it... 

  • Paper
  • Felt Tip Pen
  • Plain White Shirt → I used an Old Navy Women's Plus Raw-Edge Tanks -- $6.00*
  • Fabric Markers or Sharpie → I used a Sharpie Magnum® Permanent Marker -- $3.99
  • Cardboard

STEP ONE: Doodle out the design on your piece of paper over and over again until you think  you have it down. Even though this shark is super easy, I actually ended up drawing this shark all over the place for like two days just because I love him so much.

STEP TWO: Place the shirt on a flat surface you can draw on with the cardboard in the middle of the shirt, so the ink wont bleed from one side to the other.

STEP THREE: Hold the fabric taut and draw your design on the shirt.

STEP FOUR: Admire your new bad ass shirt.

This is how mine came out...
I am totally in love with it and all of it's imperfections. I cannot wait to rock it next weekend with my new thrift store flannel and jean shorts on the beach with the other shark goodies my friends and I bring to the beach to watch Jaws (1975).

* I got the shirt on sale for $6.00 ever though it's listed on the site for $19.00

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