May 9, 2016

Fat Kid | Not So Grand Fiesta...

If you saw my Doodlegraph post from about two weeks ago, you know my friends and I were planning a huge Mexican themed Fat Kid celebrate. Well that celebration was supposed to take placed this past weekend and boy did things fall apart.

Three of my friends got sick, one so badly that they are currently in the hospital. One's mother told them out of the blue that they needed to attend a family party that day. One's job decided that they needed to stay because an inspector was coming, so that meant that person and their significant other weren't coming. Another one got held up, so on and so forth...

So yeah, our big epic kid-less booze-filled fiesta turned into a way smaller gathering, with children.

I mean, we still had a blast those of us that actually attended (Because there was no way in hell we were cancelling because we bought and prepped food, etc.) but it was just so sad because we spent all this money buying decorations and props. So hopefully we can have a do over in the near future when people are feeling better and hopefully weird things don't pop up.
But yeah the handful of us that did attend did as we normally do during Fat Kid; ate too much, drank too much and had way too much food left over because we always make more food than we should. So we had a great day but it wasn't exactly the day we had planned and we missed the people who couldn't be there.

I feel so bad for my sick friends, especially the one currently hospitalized because they were so looking forward to this Fat Kid. Hopefully everyone gets better soon, especially since we planned another boozy brunch in New York City in a few weeks.


  1. I'm sorry things didn't go as planned, but at least you were able to have the right attitude and still have fun.

    1. Yeah, we tried to make the best of it but we felt so bad because of my one friend in the hospital.