October 1, 2016

Month In Review: August & September 2016...

♥ Finally going on vacation to Japan.
♥ Celebrating my father's birthday.
♥ Having an awesome night out in NYC & Brooklyn with Day, Chas & Steph.
♥ Visiting Sagamore Hill with my father.
♥ Attending the LatinTRENDS Dominican Influencer Event in NYC.
♥ Paint Nite with Toni, Erin & Maria.

♥ Celebrating mine and Justin's two year wedding anniversary in Osaka.
♥ Traveling to Hong Kong.
♥ Both my sister and Phil both getting proposed to within a week of one another.
♥ Dinner dates with my friends.
Exploring Long Island | Sagamore Hill
LatinTRENDS Dominican Influencer Event
Girls Afternoon | Paint Nite
Yup, Still Getting Ready For Japan & Hong Kong
First World Work Problem | Lost Tile
Exploring Long Island | Pictures From Sagamore Hill

Guess Who's Back | Home From Japan & Hong Kong
Engagements All Around
Monday Morning Chaos
♥ Suicide Squad (2016) ♥
♥ Mr. Robot (2015 - Present) ♥
♥ X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) ♥
♥ Burnt (2015) ♥
♥ Mother's Day (2016) ♥
♥ Maggie's Plan (2015) ♥


  1. It looks like it's been a fun two months! I loved visiting Sagamore Hill on a field trip in elementary school.

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

    1. It was a crazy two months!

      Isn't it such a nice place? I loved it there and I want to go back with Justin.