February 6, 2017

Being K's Bridesmaid | Bridesmaid Dress Shopping...

Over the weekend my sister, Lisa and I went on our first outing to look for bridesmaids dresses. We started off the not-so-long shopping excursion at Here Comes The Bridesmaid here on Long Island.
Aside from being lazy and not wanting to travel into New York City, we made an appointment at Here Comes The Bridesmaid because they told my sister that they had a selection of plus size dresses. And as you can probably guess, they had all of two actual plus size dresses so Lisa was the one who was really trying on the dresses.
After having Lisa try on a handful of dresses at Here Comes The Bridesmaid (She didn't wanna be photographed, so I have no pictures of her in the dresses we were kinda interested in) we decided to go to the mall to check out the selection of Adrianna Papell dresses at Macy's. They ended up not having a single dress we wanted to look at from our hours of Pinning but we found a couple of new dresses to throw Lisa in, all which were just okay.

All in all we aren't 100% on any one particular dress but we going to look into a couple of Mori Lee Geometric Patterned Sequins dresses (Not in the color below, but in taupe) because they go with her art deco theme.
So yeah, nothing is definite but I'm sure we'll pick something out soon and then I'll have to do it all over again for Phil in a few weeks.

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