July 1, 2014

Month In Review: June 2014...

♥ Locking down the officiant, photographer and restaurant for the wedding.
♥ Booking our honeymoon to Greece.
♥ Going to my sister & Erin's jobs breast cancer fundraiser.
♥ Finding my wedding dress.
♥ Finishing the reading club on time (We were cutting it close this year).
♥ Taking our engagement photos.
♥ Seeing Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall.
♥ Hanging out with my cousins.
♥ Going to the beach every weekend.

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Breast Cancer Fundraiser
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Titanic's Final Mystery (2012) ♥


  1. June was a good month for you. I didn't know you picked a dress! That's exciting!

    1. I did!! I really want to post a picture of it but Justin reads my blog so I stopped myself from doing it. I got the Gilded Grace Dress from ModCloth and I am IN LOVE.