September 30, 2014

Wedding Day Style Breakdown...

Throughout the course of my wedding day and ever since then I've gotten a bunch of questions about my wedding dress, etc. So I thought I'd throw together a little post on whats what and where I got them.
Wedding Dress: ModCloth - Gilded Grace Dress ($139.99)
Veil: Amazon - Metallic Gold French Netting Bandeau Bridal Veil ($85.49)
Shoes: Loeffler Randall - Metallic Georgie ($195.00 but I got them for $40.00)
Sunglasses: Forever 21 - Sleek Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($7.80)
Clutch: Thrifted ($3.99)
Jewelry: Borrowed

So yeah, I think I looked like a pretty spiffy bride and all for under $500.00 including hair and make up.

October Photo-A-Day...

Here is the photo a day list Fat Mum Slim made for October...
How to take part in October photo-a-day:
1. Using the list as inspiration, take a photo each day.
2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FMSphotoaday You can also share on your blog or on Facebook ... or even keep the photos privately for yourself.
3. Check out other people's photos and like them or comment on them.     

September 29, 2014

September 28, 2014

Sunday Social...

1. What Is Your Favorite Magazine To Read?
Nylon is hands down my favorite magazine. 

2. What Is The Best Thing You’ve Seen Online Lately?
Honestly, I haven't really been online much lately so I don't have an answer for this one.

3. Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity To Follow On Instagram Or Twitter?

I love Chrissy Teigen (@ChrissyTeigen) and Eva Chen (@EvaChen212) pictures on Instagram.

4. Is There One Article Of Clothing No Matter What The Season You Can’t Help But Love?

Boyfriend jeans. Specifically my thrifted DKNY ones that I ripped up.

5. Do You Prefer Email Or Snail Mail?

I love receiving snail mail. I mean, I don't get much anymore but there is something about a hand written letter or card.

September 26, 2014

Our Wedding Reading...

Since our photos aren't in from the photographer yet and I haven't shared much about our wedding yet, I thought that I'd share the reading we had Judy our officiant read during our ceremony and the little story behind it.

As I'm sure you can tell from the random pictures I've posted from the wedding, Justin and I are not a normal couple. So when it came to choosing a reading for our wedding we had a hard time because we hated almost all of the reading that we came across (We also didn't like any of the traditional vows, but that's a story for another day). The majority of them were too sappy or too Godly, and that is so not who we are. 

After searching for what seemed like forever we found a poem called "Scientific Romance" by science fiction author Tim Pratt. The poem itself is a little weird and a little inappropriate, just like Justin and I so I thought it was perfect from the moment I read it -- As did our friends that we ran it past.

We did have a little back and forth about it because parts of the poem are inappropriate. Justin was worried because his younger sisters were attending our wedding and he was unsure of how his mother would react, so he wanted to omit part of them poem. I argued that it would ruin the integrity of the poem and I loved it just the way it was and that if anyone had a problem with it they could suck it because it was for our wedding and not anyone elses. Eventually Justin agreed, we sent it to our officiant.

On the day of our wedding Judy read it in her perfect voice and our guest cried and cracked up all at the same time. It was exactly what I wanted to happen and I couldn't have been happier.

And here it is for your reading pleasure...
Scientific Romance
by Tim Pratt

If starship travel from our
Earth to some far
star and back again
at velocities approaching the speed
of light made you younger than me
due to the relativistic effects
of time dilation,
I'd show up on your doorstep hoping
you'd developed a thing for older men,
and I'd ask you to show me everything you
learned to pass the time
out there in the endless void
of night.

If we were the sole survivors
of a zombie apocalypse
and you were bitten and transformed
into a walking corpse
I wouldn't even pick up my
assault shotgun,
I'd just let you take a bite
out of me, because I'd rather be
undead forever
with you
than alive alone
without you.

If I had a time machine, I'd go back
to the days of your youth
to see how you became the someone
I love so much today, and then
I'd return to the moment we first met
just so I could see my own face
when I saw your face
for the first time,
and okay,
I'd probably travel to the time
when we were a young couple
and try to get a three-way
going. I never understood
why more time travelers don't do
that sort of thing.

If the alien invaders come
and hover in stern judgment
over our cities, trying to decide
whether to invite us to the Galactic
Federation of Confederated
Galaxies or if instead
a little genocide is called for,
I think our love could be a powerful
argument for the continued preservation
of humanity in general, or at least,
of you and me
in particular.

If we were captives together
in an alien zoo, I'd try to make
the best of it, cultivate a streak
of xeno-exhibitionism,
waggle my eyebrows, and make jokes
about breeding in captivity.

If I became lost in
the multiverse, exploring
infinite parallel dimensions, my
only criterion for settling
down somewhere would be
whether or not I could find you:
and once I did, I'd stay there even
if it was a world ruled by giant spider-
priests, or one where killer
robots won the Civil War, or even
a world where sandwiches
were never invented, because
you'd make it the best
of all possible worlds anyway,
and plus
we could get rich
off inventing sandwiches.

If the Singularity comes
and we upload our minds into a vast
computer simulation of near-infinite
complexity and perfect resolution,
and become capable of experiencing any
fantasy, exploring worlds bound only
by our enhanced imaginations,
I'd still spend at least 1021 processing
cycles a month just sitting
on a virtual couch with you,
watching virtual TV,
eating virtual fajitas,
holding virtual hands,
and wishing
for the real thing.

Wedding Photo Blues...

Yesterday was my first full day back at work since taking three weeks off for my wedding and honeymoon, and everyone has been super sweet but I'm still kind of annoyed with all of them.

Since the minute I walked in I've had a bunch of my coworkers come up to me and tell me that I'm glowing, etc. and that they love my wedding photos. See this would be all well and good but I'm not friends with 98% of the staff on social media. So people have been showing other people my pictures and that is kind of irritating to me, especially when someone that I don't really care for comes up to me and starts gushing about my wedding photos.

I mean yes, there are pictures up on my Facebook but I have that locked down pretty tight because I don't want the majority of my coworkers knowing about my life outside of the library unless I decide to tell them. So I feel kind of violated because I didn't get to share my photos with the people I wanted to share them with and people that I wouldn't have shared them with have seen them. Plus I haven't even shared them with you guys yet! So yeah, I'm a little annoyed right now.

Do you guys think that I'm being ridiculous? Lemme know.

September 25, 2014

Stuck In My Head: All About That Bass...

I've have Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" stuck in my head since sometime last week after I finally saw the video for it on MTV Greece. So because of that, here is the video...

September 24, 2014

Back From Greece...

It's been awhile but I'm back! Justin and I got back from our honeymoon Monday night and I've been super jet lagged (We spent over eighteen hours traveling Monday and we spent another eight hours on a boat on Sunday). So because of that this isn't going to be my whole big break down post of my trip that I tend to do after I go away. I will though share a photo or two for those of you that haven't already been bombarded with my Instagram feed.

Plus aside from all of that I am trying to figure out what I should post about first, our wedding or our honeymoon. I feel like I should post about our wedding but I haven't gotten our pictures back from the photographer yet and I kinda wanna post a few of those because Justin gave me permission to post a photo of us from our wedding -- So you will finally see what he looks like from the front! But I already have all of our honeymoon pictures because I took them...

So, do you guys care if I post out of order? Lemme know.

And for those who made it through that mini rant, here are a few out of context pictures from Greece...

September 11, 2014

Away On Our Honeymoon...

Hispanic Heritage Month, Recipes & A Chef Merito Spice Basket Giveaway...

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on Monday (September 15th-October 15th) and what better way to celebrate than with food -- Which for those of you of Hispanic or Latin decent know is one of the main ways to celebrate any and everything. So I have some recipes for you from the wonderful people over at Chef Merito (For those of you unfamiliar with Chef Merito, it is a family-owned business that feature a full line of special seasonings, spices and herbs. Their products combine only the freshest and highest quality spices and are dedicated to enhance authentic Latin American, Mexican, and Spanish cuisine), as well as a giveaway!

Unfortunately I don't have time to cook anything and show you how I'd cook the recipes I've decided to share because I'm leaving for Greece, but I promise you when I get back I'll bust out my spices and show you some of their other recipes because there are a bunch that I'd love to try. So for right now here are some of Chef Merito's recipe cards...

You guys know I don't eat meat, but I had to share Chef Merito's Cuban Steak recipe because it is one of my family's favorite dishes. Whenever I'm at a Cuban restaurant at least one member of my family orders it and it's a treat at my parents' house when my dad makes it.

And for people like me who don't eat meat, Chef Merito's Ceviche recipe might be up your alley.
If you'd like to check out any more of their recipes click here or if you have your own, I'd love to hear about them -- I'm always looking for something new to cook.

Now on to the giveaway...

One (1) reader will be receiving a Chef Merito gift basket similar to the one below.
This is a standard Rafflecopter giveaway. In order to be the lucky winner you must leave a comment below about your favorite Latin American, Mexican, Spanish, etc. cuisine and follow this blog using Google Friend Connect. You can gain additional entries by doing a number of other tasks listed in the widget below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
••••••••••••••••• CONTEST ENDS SEPTEMBER 24th AT MIDNIGHT •••••••••••••••••
This post and giveaway were sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. I'll be receiving my own Chef Merito Basket identical to the winners. 

September 10, 2014

My Wedding In Instagram...

This past Saturday Justin and I got married in Central Park and since I'm still waiting on my pictures from the photographer, as well as from "Favorite Page #1" who is in the process of editing the pictures she took, I thought that I'd just share some of the Instagram pictures my family and friends took (Mostly at the bar).