April 1, 2015

Month In Review: March 2015...

♥ Celebrating my 30th birthday.
♥ Apartment and cat sitting with Day & Erin in Hell's Kitchen.
♥ Seeing my college friends for mine and Paul's 60th birthday party.
♥ Making plans with Chas for when she is in New York next month for Alana's wedding.
♥ Having my annual Justin-Is-Away sleepover party with Liz, Erin, Nicole & Eileen.
♥ Discovering the joy of potato tacos at Swell Tacos.
♥ Buying myself a new used car.
♥ Finally going to the indoor Brooklyn Flea Market with my sister, her boyfriend & Phil.
♥ Experiencing grilled cheese sandwiches from Milk Truck.
♥ Planning various vacations with Justin, Erin & Day.
♥ An accidental drunken evening with friends.
♥ Booking a trip to Iceland & Amsterdam with Justin, Erin, Day, Phil & Rob.

24 Hours In NYC: A Bachelorette Party & Anniversary Lunch
♥ Reflecting On My Twenties | My 25th-29th Birthdays
Reacting To Suicide
The Brooklyn Flea, Cat Sitting In Hell's Kitchen, Surprise Parties & Not So Boozy Brunch
Buying A New Used Car
Forgotten Photos: DSLR & GoPro Edition
From The Hold Shelf (Or What I'm About To Read) -- #13
Spain & Portugal Out | Iceland & Amsterdam In

Emma Dime

♥ The Last Man On Earth (2015-Present) ♥
 ♥ Married At First Sight (2014-Present) ♥ 
♥ The Royals (2015-Present) ♥
♥ Aziz Ansari Live At Madison Square Garden (2015) ♥

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