November 30, 2015

Target x BaubleBar | Launch Fail...

Yesterday Target launched a line of tech accessories with online jewelry retailer BaubleBar and because some of the pieces looked nice I figured I'd wander into my local Target to check out the collection.
(via: BaubleBar)

Since the collection was from BaubleBar I headed over to the accessories department to see if there was a display. No display anywhere in the accessories department. Okay, if it isn't in the accessories department I figured it must be in the electronics department because it was a collection of tech accessories. Nope. No display.

So I head over to the counter in electronics and ask the guy there about the collection. He looks at me like I have five heads. As I was talking him another employee walks over and he begins to ask her about it. She, like him, looks at me like I have five heads when I start to speak with her about the collection and she proceeds to ask me what a bauble was.

Trying to hide how exacerbated I was I opened Refinery 29's article about the collection, as well as several other to show the two employees that I am not some crazy person babbling about baubles.

They looked at the articles, saw that I was talking about a real thing and began calling other employees over. After dealing with a total of five Target employees they realize that they do indeed have pieces from the collection in the back room and that's when I made them pull every thing from the stock room so Liz and I could look at everything.

It took them thirty minutes (In which I bitched on Twitter about the whole situation) but they pulled almost everything and we got to look through it all, pick out our items and buy them.
Later on in the day after all the tweeting, an Instagram post with a caption complaining about how poorly the launch was handled and some Snapchats, I found out that it wasn't just my Target that had problems with the launch. I spoke to four other people in different states that said the same exact thing that happened to me happened to them at their various Targets.

As annoying as the whole thing was I do enjoy what I did end up purchasing, which was the BaubleBar Clover Make Noise Earbuds ($19.99) and the BaubleBar Amanda Struggle Cover Up Phone Case ($29.99) -- Liz ended up getting the BaubleBar Gold Gem Make Noise Headphones ($39.99).
Did anyone else try to hit up there local Target for this collection? If you did let me know how everything went for you? If you didn't and you're interesting in the collection, here it is so you can order it offline instead of dealing with the store and having a cluster fuck of a time like I did.

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