May 1, 2016

Month In Review: April 2016...

♥ Brunching in New York City with Day and Liz.
♥ Getting eyes touched up with a second round of LASIK.
♥ Helping Phil make a big collage of Rafting Trips past to hang in the trailer on the property.
♥ Fancy Fat Kid Dinner.
♥ Celebrating Justin's cousin's 10th birthday.
♥ Random Saturday night playing darts at the bar with Justin, Day, Toni and Michael.
♥ Crashing Toni's daughter's seventh birthday party.
♥ Nights in with my friends.
Fresh Ink | Getting A Matching Tattoo With My Sister
Getting Ready For Japan & Hong Kong
Podcast | You Must Remember This (Charles Manson's Hollywood)
Doodlegraph | Tomfoolery In Party City

♥ Krampus (2015) ♥
♥ Kiki's Delivery Service (1989/1998) ♥
♥ Flipping Vegas (2011-2014) ♥
♥ Listed Sisters (2016-Present) ♥


  1. Such a fun month. I do need to download that Charles Manson episode.

    And Krampus was...interesting, wasn't it?

    1. You should! You should!!

      Yes it was... It was not what I was expecting.