July 22, 2017

8 Tour | Incubus At Jones Beach...

As you all may or may not know, Incubus is not only my favorite band but my sister's also. So every time they come through New York on tour we go to see them. And as you can probably guess, this was the case this past Wednesday night when they played Jones Beach Theater here on Long Island.

My sister, her fiancé, Nicole and I (And almost everyone we went to high school with apparently according to Facebook and Instagram) went to rock out to Incubus with Jimmy Eat World (Whom I didn't pay attention to until they played "The Middle" and "Sweetness") on their 8 Tour.

As always, Incubus was amazing. They just put on such a great show and are so incredible to watch live -- Trust me I know, I've seen them live eleven times in the past fourteen years. In addition to that, I love going with my sister because we always have a great time no matter what the weather is like (When we saw Incubus with Linkin Park [Can we talk about how incredibly sad it is that Chester Bennington committed suicide?] in 2012 on the Honda Civic Tour, it was so gross outside and we had to wear ponchos but it was still a great time) or whatever else is going on.

For any of you interested, here is the setlist they played that night. I thought it was a good mix of their older hits and newer songs.

Love in a Time of Surveillance
Nimble Bastard
Anna Molly
The Warmth
Wish You Were Here
State of the Art
Pardon Me
Sick Sad Little World
The Original
Make No Sound In The Digital Forest
No Fun
Nice To Know You
Aqueous Transmission

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